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Zhongguancun M & A Fund
To develop China's high-tech industry as its mission
Is committed to enhancing the long - term interests of all partners

Company Profile

        Zhongguancun M & A Fund (Z-Park Fund, hereinafter referred to as the "mother fund" or "ZPF") was established in October 2016, is currently the largest mergers and acquisitions mother fund, the first phase of the scale of 11.9 billion yuan raised, the next total planned Raise three, the total size of 30 billion yuan.

        The fund management company is Beijing Zhongguancun Dahe Capital Investment Management Center (limited partnership). The fund providers include the Government Guidance Fund (Haidian District M & A Guidance Fund), the State-owned Assets Operation Company (Beijing Haidian District State-owned Assets Investment Co., Ltd. Company), large state-owned enterprises (Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhongguancun Development Group), more than a dozen of Zhongguancun listed companies (UFIDA, Teamsun, SACC, Liard, Li Si Chen, Shenzhou High Speed Rail, Digital China, Polaris Bank, Bank of Communications, Postal Savings Bank, Bank of Nanjing, Hualong Securities) and financial institutions (Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bank of Beijing, Hualong Securities).



        The mother fund is committed to developing China's sophisticated technology industry and is committed to enhancing the long-term interests of all its partners. The parent fund is positioned to support both domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions by key industry leaders in Haidian District, quality listed companies in the core area of Zhongguancun, and other enterprises with leading potential in line with Haidian Industrial direction.

    Many investment targets, the exit mechanism is clear

    Zhongguancun M & A Fund and strategic partners to form a positive cooperation, with a huge pool of projects to help listed companies continue to improve the industrial layout, optimize the corporate structure.

    And the mother fund through the secondary market to establish a reasonable exit mechanism, channels, protection of listed companies and fund partners and other interests.


    Leading the acquisition of the main, deep industry background

    Zhongguancun core area after years of development, has a good industrial base, many innovative entrepreneurship leaders, nearly 200 listed companies, the region's state-level high-tech enterprises more than 6100, formed a strategic emerging industries-led high-tech Industrial agglomeration.


    Build a bridge between banks and enterprises, diversified financing means

    The gap in the domestic M & A market is high, involving fewer financial institutions. Zhongguancun M & A Fund through the cooperation with financial institutions, financial institutions and listed companies will be closely together to make up for the gap between the two, has become an important channel for cooperation between the two.


    Clear market positioning, investment objectives clear

    Zhongguancun M & A Fund will focus on TMT, consumer upgrades, large health and high-end manufacturing and other fields, the investment target is focused on the Internet and mobile Internet, cloud computing, positioning navigation and spatial information services, integrated circuit design, biomedicine, new energy, New materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, cultural and technological integration, and other specific aspects.


    Regional advantages complement each other to achieve a win-win situation for all parties

    Zhongguancun M & A Fund actively cooperate with all localities to build a bridge between local industries and Zhongguancun listed companies in all-factor cooperation and promote the upgrading of local industries and the improvement of quality and efficiency. The mother fund will help the invested enterprises to rapidly expand the market and enhance their management level. At the same time, the Fund will also make efforts to increase local employment and increase tax revenue.

ZPF Advantage





• First Zhongguancun Entrepreneurs 100 AC members


∙ 现任中关村大河并购重组研究院院 长,负责并购重组研究、基金投资 研究、产品创新及海外业务发展。


∙ 05-13年分别在国务院国资委、北京 市国资委、北京产权交易所任职


∙ 05-13年分别在国务院国资委、北京 市国资委、北京产权交易所任职